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Sorry ... let me try again ...

I suspect that the problem is with the Google Search website. I suspect that it is setting a condition that is incorrect under some circumstances so that when you return to it it immediately returns to the page that called the search engine.

Page calls Google Search ... you do a search ... it lists a bunch of pages ... you go to a page ... you hit return ... it returns to Google search results page that you came from and it immediatly does a return -2 (it returns to the page that called Google search). (Yes the server can decide how deeply back to return in the chain of pages that called the current page. In this case the count is off.)

This seems like a "feature" in the Google Search website (A.K.A. "bug").

If this assumption is correct, the place to get it addresses is the Google Search help forum. (You may notice that at least one other non-Bionic user is getting the same result.)

The link provided takes you to my first attempt to say this and it has a link to the Google Help forum where you can post your question ... it is ... Web Search Help.

... Thom

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