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Originally Posted by DJSanjay View Post
Hello fellows!

From your experience, what's the most stable rom for the X8 with everything including camera functional?

I'm thinking of buying the phone (it's old I know, but I'm budget-constrained ) and really don't want to be stuck with SE's eclair forever, but I'm concerned abt running into a lot of trouble with custom roms, being a newbie to Android.

Gabe, you seem to be something of an expert in this field, so maybe you have some good ideas?


I am no expert. I have been hacking my Xperia X8 thru trial and error ever since I bought the X8. I have been using my Xperia X8 for about 11 months now. I bought the Xperia X8 because I knew there was custom rom software support for it beyond Android Eclair 2.1.1 (2.1.1 is really primitive stuff).

I would highly recommend the Xperia X8 E15i to you (not all Xperia X8 are the same - E15a models are fussy and need baseband mods) because it is easy to mod and almost impossible to "brick" (unless you have a hardware problem).

I am currently using GingerXperia V13 on my Xperia X8. I didn't like the newer versions as it runs better with custom kernels.

I know some devs over at XDA Developers are now developing a custom Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 for the Xperia X8. I hope they will be successful.

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