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Originally Posted by rbarritt View Post
hey all,
i am not a techy and feel like a fish out of water with this thing. I don't understand the lingo and I am not sure what to look under for info - is it a mp3, a notebook, a tablet, a phone?? I got a 5.0 for xmas with the hopes of watching movies on it - especially on the go - only to find out the few Disney titles i have that have a digital copy, I can't download to my 5.0 cause of the DRM (dmr??). Can anyone give me some education on watching movies. The user manual suggests DivX and then having to go through another company to get movies. Read about Zune, briefly, they want me to download silverlight but i dont know about system requirements and the download didn't work anyway. I don't want to be a slave to wifi, truly want to watch a movie whenever. I have a netflix account but I need to be near wifi. i don't want to start spending money to find out the movie wont play back. (I truly just want to download the disney digital copies i have already purchased - i have 3). HELP!!!
Cannot help on the Disney movies thing, sorry.
What most of us have done over the last decade is amass a personal collection of movies in avi format. Avi is a "container" file format that "holds" video files. Usually this is Xvid (generic) or DivX (proprietary) format. DivX supposedly does more updating and has extra features you can add/pay for, such as some sort of Sound Booster module. Whatever. Regular Xvid is fine. On a PC, you'll need a program called VLC Media Player to play these. Windows Media Player doesn't like them. (of course...because MS doesn't make money on it). But VLC is a GREAT freeware that plays anything you throw at it, video or audio. Google it. DL for free.

Anyway, back to how to actually get avi movies.
Google "Rip DVD to avi format" or "Rip DVD to Xvid"
There is free ware and paid software (for not much money) that will decode a DVD and produce a single AVI file (again, either Xvid or Divx, your choice), for "personal backup copy" purposes. I remember one called "Fair Use Wizard", freeware, with a great deal of technical options for getting things exactly the way you want.

Typically these programs will take about 2-4 hours to complete their task. They make huge temporary files (which can be deleted later) so you need some extra gigs on your hard drive. And they typically produce a single 700 MB (.7 gig) file, with integrated audio. You open that file and watch it. There are no previews, bonus features, or options. it's one file. You play it. That's it. It works. You can fast forward, pause, rewind, but those are pretty much the options. That being said, it works fine. If the "ripper" knows what they are doing (and it's not too hard to figure out) the quality can be VERY good. If not, well, the quality can be less-than-stellar. (pixellating and other artifacts, dark colors and fast-motion areas getting weird, etc).

OK, so you can get freeware, and a DVD, and get some xvid or divx files on your PC. Then copy those to your android device. If you have a 16 or 32 gig microSD card. You can throw 5 or 10 movies on there no problem.

Also, I have heard that there are "bit torrent" sites where audio and videos may be downloaded for free. Xvid and Divx movies included. Vuze is a free client that manages bit torrent content. Google "bit torrent" and "vuze" for more info. I have heard that some people have obtained a lot of content from bit torrent sites but it's a gray area. Technically no one person is loading entire copies of files from any other one entity...however, there is still copyrighted material being transmitted in complex ways, for free, and so there's the rub. Probably some content being shared via bit torrent is good and some is not-so-good technically.

Hope that helps. Netflix works super-well via wifi on the SGP and there's lots of streaming content once you're signed up. Enjoy your player!
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