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Originally Posted by jabbman42 View Post
I have the exact same issue. When I turn on my wifi it turns on and then after a minute or so it says "unable to scan networks" and then automatically turns itself off. I've tried with both open and private netoworks, on multiple routers, and even sitting right on top of the router. I saw on another forum something about rooting it and deleting some file. I rooted it and looked for that file but it wasn't there. Is there anyway I can at least tell whether its hardware or software.
Those are exactly the symptoms you will get if the physical wifi on/off switch is in the off position, so check that first. If that is on then it sounds like your wifi module isn't working so your options are either send it back as faulty or invalidate your warranty and open it up and investigate. I guess the deletion of the file you mention will just delete the retained connection information, allowing you to set the encryption up again with different info, but the symptoms of that are different, it will find wifi signals and attempt to connect, only to fail, the wifi won't turn itself off.

If you cannot see anything amiss with the wiring of the wifi module you could try an external usb wifi dongle, but you need to know which chipset your wifi module is using, you can find that out either by running lsusb in an terminal emulator or opening up the tablet and looking on the wifi module, you could then buy an external wifi dongle that utilises the same chipset and plug it in one of the usb ports.
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