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So... I'm actually nowhere near the end of my contract, but followed the link to the Orange online store and got asked if I wanted to chat with an online advisor...

Welcome to Orange online chat. One of our advisors will be with you as soon as possible.
You're now chatting to Stacey.
Stacey: Hello, you're chatting to Stacey. I am part of the dedicated Orange Online Sales Team. How can I help you with your new order?
Stacey: Hi
D-U-R-X: Hi Stacey
Stacey: How are you?
D-U-R-X: Fine thanks - hope you are too!
Stacey: I'm fine.
D-U-R-X: Already an orange customer, just after a bit of info if possible
Stacey: Welcome to Orange. What are you looking for on our website today?
Stacey: Yes please.
Stacey: I appreciate that you are our valued existing customer and want to continue with our services.
D-U-R-X: Will the Galaxy Nexus (as in the New Android 4.0 mobile phone) be coming to the Orange network?
Stacey: Yes for sure.
Stacey: Orange is looking forward this phone.
Stacey: It will be available very soon.
Stacey: However, I can not make any commitment on date.
D-U-R-X: I have heard different answers from different people (including those who have been in to your stores), which is why I thought I'd ask
Stacey: Yes.
D-U-R-X: What would the delay be in getting it? I know that it is available on other networks
Stacey: Honestly I'm also waiting for this phone however, it is completely depend on stock availability.
Stacey: I'll take your feedback as suggestion.
Stacey: We will try to implement as soon as possible.
D-U-R-X: I understand. The phone has been out for a while now and I would have thought that Orange would want to be at the forefront of mobile technology and would release it straight away
I realise that Stacey could have been talking rubbish, just to try and fob me off, but thought I'd share!
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