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Originally Posted by chezzo41 View Post
hi, do i have to connect the phone to pc through USB, in step 1 ? when i press enter to show "Adb is not recognized as internal or external command"..
Yes you have to connect the phone but certain parts need the phone to be in certain states of connection e.g. When using Goldcard - Wildfire should be in Mass Storage, When using downgrade tool - Wildfire should be in Charge Mode

Have you installed ADB?? you have to get it off Android SDK

Originally Posted by 1988chris View Post
Hey man search for superoneclick on Google I rooted my phone that way but can't get s off
Oh so my suggestion worked???
Ah well s-off isnt always needed just at certain times, you can live with a rooted phone with s-on, its just the process that you use to root you phone will determine if you have s-off or not
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