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Default Google Voice...

Originally Posted by blackdog709 View Post
Can you give a bit of an intro on how to accomplish this?
Hey blackdog, it looks like you and everyone else here is extremely satisfied with the SGP, and I'll add myself to the group, as I've had my SGP 5" for about 2 months, and I couldn't be happier with it.

I originally got it in lieu of a smartphone/iPhone, because the contract on my "dumb" phone is coming up this month, so I figured I'd make the jump. But then I realized that I didn't want to be paying for those monthly data fees, especially when I came across this SGP, which really should be considered a mini-tablet, like others here have said.

Sorry for the long intro, but I have been using Google Voice and GrooveIP (which was $4.99 in the market) for a little while now, but not as my primary phone, I'm still using my old "dumb" phone for most calls.

It's pretty easy to set up, and as you probably know, the Google Voice app is already installed on the SGP, so that saves you one step. Next, I'd go to and sign up for your own unique Google Voice number. Now, I haven't explored some of the other options it offers, such as "porting" your number, which basically moves your existing number from your carrier (e.g. AT&T) to Google Voice. You could just do Google Voice Lite, which I believe lets you keep your existing number, but limits some of the features that you might otherwise get with "porting" it. (Just google "Google Voice account types" and it will get you to a helpful starting chart comparing the choices.)

I went with just getting a new number from Google Voice. So I still have my regular cell phone number with AT&T, and then I have my own GV number separate from that. I did this because if in the future I decide to ditch my normal cell phone (which I would do if I end up moving out of the country for a while as I intend to), I could just use my SGP and GV with GrooveIP as the dialer, as well as be able to send SMS texts from my GV account for free (from within wi-fi access of course). The main function of GrooveIP is that it allows your SGP to function as a phone, and with the included headphones with inline mic, the quality's not too bad. I must say that I really don't use GV much for outgoing calls, only if I'm at home, as well as for texts.

A bit of rambling there, but I hope that helps. In my opinion, spending $5 once on an app has been well worth it and will continue to be so, considering the $ I'll be saving by not having a monthly data plan. I understand it's not for everyone though, especially those who aren't always around a wi-fi signal.
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