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Originally Posted by greywing56 View Post
Hello all, I have just purchased a Kindle Fire and I am in Australia. Here we cannot get Apps, Movies or TV as purchasing these items from Amazon Kindle Store requires you to have a US Credit Card - yes, even for FREE Apps! I have been reading articles about sideloading Android Apps (.apk files) from your PC onto your Kindle Fire, which I have done. However, in order to INSTALL them you need an App called ES File Explorer. This it seems can only been downloaded via the Amazon store, and as per above, I cannot do because I don't have a US Credit Card! Catch 22! So I managed to download ES File Explorer, and sideload it, but still cannot install it because I don't have a file explorer. Can anyone out there suggest any way I can access these .apk files I have placed onto my Kindle Fire, so that I can install them? Hope there's someone out there who can help. It is ludicrous that Amazon sells a product with only 30% of its functionality working for overseas buyers. I'm sure they are already copping a lot of criticism for this, and yet there is currently no indication of when this issue can be overcome.
I don't get it - if you download a file explorer apk, you should be able to locate it in your Notifications drawer (click on the upper left hand corner). Once you've located it, you can click on the apk and install it.
Go to [site removed], enter "ES File Explorer apk", and download it again. When the download is complete, it will show up in the Notifications.

I don't know why people seem to be making this a bigger deal than what it is - the OP is just looking to install a file explorer, not root the friggin device (not yet, anyway).
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