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Originally Posted by jabbman42 View Post
With my wifi switch off if I click wi-fi (turn on Wi-Fi) it doesn't do anything. When I turn on the switch it shows Wi-Fi as turning on but then does the "unable to scan for networks" and then turns back off. So I guess the physical switch is working but that's really all I know.

When you say wifi module are you talking about hardware or software?

I do have an external wifi dongle I could try. The unit is rooted and i have a terminal but I can't get many linux commands to work. Do I need to add a bin path to the path to get them to work. su works fine and I'm using "Better Terminal Emulator Pro" but lsusb and most other commands say command not found.
My tablet behaves differently. With the switch off - select turn on wifi,the text changes to turning on wifi, after a few seconds the green tick appears and "scanning" is shown, after 10 seconds "unable to scan for networks" is shown for a few seconds, followed by "turning off" and then the green tick vanishes. With the switch set to on, it follows the same sequence until, after "scanning" it finds several networks and displays them. If I have previously connected to one of them it automatically connects to that network.

The wifi module inside the FT3 is actually the innards from an usb wifi dongle that has had its usb socket removed and the module has been hard wired to the system PCB.

lsusb is found in busybox 1.19. If you have titanium pro backup utility then you will have busybox installed already, it is usually installed in /system/bin/ or possibly /system/xbin/ The older versions of busybox (1.16) didn't have lsusb.

BE ADVISED.... I tried 3 times to update busybox from 1.16 to 1.19 on my tablet running Tims 4d, and each time it screwed up root access such that reflashing was required to rectify the problem. If you have Tims 6a then I think you will have busybox 1.19 and therefore lsusb.
If you cd to /system/bin (or possibly /system/xbin ) and type busybox you should see the version number of busybox you have, and the available commands contained within.

I have just /system/bin I have a lsmod command that displays rt2070sta on the first line, which is the wifi module that has been loaded. not quite the same as the chipset reported in lsusb
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