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Well I'm no longer with them but I had, in order.
Rated 1-10, 10 being the best.

Samsung Intercept. 2
LG Optimus V 9
Motorola Triumph 1
LG Optimus V 9

In the end I could not get past VM selling the Triumph which in my opinion was a hi priced brick.
It started out fine, but avalanched in to the biggest PITA of a phone I have ever owned. VM lost me as a customer when they would not refund or exchange the phone.
Yes I bought another OV after the MT, I like VM service, never had much problems with them. But even though I was back with a OV and it was working perfectly, the whole reaming with the MT just kept on and I left them.
I miss my old number, and the service was decent, but if VM is going to sell trash for 300.00 and call it gold, they need to back it as though it were gold, and they did not.
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