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My opinion is this...............
I have the X and looked at the Razr. My friend has one and it is a really great phone. If you want to always play with it.......IE change roms and themes etc............then it is a no brainier.............get the Nexus.
One point..............I had a Nexus and took it back, many issues that i maybe could have dealt with but VZW sux in my area and having ZERO data is not an option.
I did not upgrade to the Razer because it was as you said too close to my X but if your X is giving you issues then by all means do it. My X is still rocking and i will be looking at some of the new stuff down the road.

One last point.............the camera that is in the Nexus IMO at least is not good at all. I let 2 others try it and they were blown away at how bad it was giving that it was such an awesomely rated phone. Your milage may vary as you can find MANY opinions on here +/- when it comes to the phone.

I am really tired of being tied to a 2 year contract and have and will pay retail so i can keep my phone updated. Looks to me like AT&T has a couple of nice phones coming out. Their network in my area is awesome, better than VZW and i don't travel much any more.

Just things to think about.................. your X is in need of replacing , go with the Razer or "chunks" the Rezound (lol).
If you want to do roms, themes and unlocking go with the Nexus if it works in your area.
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