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Originally Posted by Rxpert83 View Post
SOPA is more about Piracy than Privacy.

It gives the Gov the control to shut down websites if they suspect pirating is going on

yea but that is NOT for the government to decide or handle. if piracy is illegal, and it is, handle it on a "you have been proven guilty" basis. the government has NO right to start policing the internet because SOME of it is used for piracy. hell they could shut down this website because the forums have a root section and rooting phones helps people pirate apps.

ill be signing this, the government has its nose in enough BS, they need to step back and let me live my life, if i break a law, punish me, that is how the law works, not this preemptive "corporate world now has rights too" BS. people before businesses, the government has lost sight of that one. its a sad world when the rights of a business come before the rights of a citizen!
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