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Originally Posted by TexasPriest View Post
Hi Everyone.

Iíve had the MyTouch for a couple of months now and Iím not really that happy with it. With the Shadow and the G1 Iíve become used to slow sluggish phone operations. When I got the MyTouch, I still had the same slow sluggish service so I thought nothing of it. Until my daughter got an IPhone. Now that I see how WELL a mobile device can operate, I am ready to trash this piece of crap and move up in the world! But I have a two year contract around my neck so Iím not going anywhere fast.

The one thing that really bugs me, beside the slow 3G service and hit and miss email service, is the time the phone takes to close an application and return to the home screen. For example, when exiting my photo album, the home screen will remain blank for up to 20 seconds before the icons return. Dose anyone else have this issue? How the hell can I run some of these fancy applications if the basic phone operations are slow as hell?

If anyone has an answer for this I would very much appreciate it.

Thank You
You've come to the right place!

Well if you want speed to kick the crap out of the iPhone, sell your Mytouch, since its pretty new, or take it back to Tmobile, up to 14 days they'll refund you your money. And go online and buy a Nexus One.

If you are going to stick it out and stay with Mytouch, I have two suggestions for you - root your phone. This opens up the capabilities and speed of your phone - here is the forum for that.

Next, I would get used to not being as seemingly perfectly smooth as the iPhone. The competition between Mytouch and iPhone are different from like Nexus One and iPhone. In Mytouch vs. iPhone you don't get the smoothness like seen in iPhone, but you get much more with Android OS and you get a pretty sleek looking phone. There are tons of things that iPhone/iPod Touch users get jealous of when they see my Mytouch.

I know that the iPhone is faster than Mytouch. It is, and even with the newest rom or 2.1 the iPhone will be faster in opening apps, the dialer, and it won't get force closes, etc. However, the iPhone even jailbroken isn't as customizable and personal as a Mytouch. Speed isn't where Mytouch or any earlier Android phone will beat out iPhone. Its the only very important details.
- Customization
- Not having to use the iTunes store and feeling like you are just being worked over and nickel and dimed
- Expandable Memory
- Interchangeable batteries
- Multi-tasking
- Google backing you up!
- Widgets
- Not dealing with AT&T and enjoying Tmobile
- Having the fastest 3G - Proof
- Least expensive data and voice plans
- Unlimited Voice over Internet Protocol with Tmobile @Home! - Phone calls from your cell phone over the Wifi
- A Freaking background! iPhone and their operating system is so terrible they don't even allow you a customizable background! My old Nokia 5310 lets me do that! Every phone since 2002 lets you do that, but not iPhone, just the unlock screen that you see for a whole second as you unlock it.

And so much more!!

Seriously, I know that the iPhone is quicker and more fluid and smooth, but thats not all that makes a phone. Apple doesn't know that, at all - the iPhone, 3G, and 3GS are the same phone, just a bit smaller and faster than the earlier ones!!! Sure they have more apps, but they've been at it for a year and a half longer!

I understand where you are coming from, things don't always work fluidly on your phone and sometimes think what did I just pay for? Take a look at what you paid for and think about its capabilities and the simple openness Android is, its a ton better than iPhone!

If none of this excites you root your phone, then if that doesn't work for you get a Nexus One, but I do not suggest an iPhone.

Another thing, why is your daughter with AT&T and you with T-mobile? Get her off of that and onto a much MUCH cheaper but I believe more reliable network. The T-mobile family plans are so much better and cheaper, give her your Mytouch, and you go get a Nexus One.
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