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Originally Posted by 9to5cynic View Post
I'm wondering that too.. I have used the software center (or whatever they are calling it) for quite a while and it never gave any errors like that. Once, a program didn't install right and left apt running constantly, had to kill it and run something (which I've forgotten) to resolve that (fix broken packages or something).

Though, installing via .deb files is pretty easy by itself (though, I don't think it resolves dependency issues). Not to mention, half the fun of the software stores is the browsing
im guessing its cuz i didnt find what i wanted in the software manager and sorta googled ways to get what I wanted (mainly thunderbird 9, lighting that was compatible with that, as well as the google calendar plugin that lets you have read/write access to google calendar thru thunderbird/ightining <oooh i so JUST got that! thunder, all makes since now! yes,im an idiot, its been a long day>) Maybe it was stupid, but when its in an faq on the mint forum, it seems safe, they dont tell you 'hey this might break stuff!' which is something i guess i should just assume. I see stuff and its all shiny and neat and go to the software manager and its not there...and i guess im just spoiled? bah, i should just be happy with having a working computer again and not worry about all the extras.

and i apologize for my lack of grammar and formatting and rambling. my proper grammatical skills go out the window at midnight, or in the event or impending OS failure, whichever comes first

EDIT: I am also a little confused on removing stuff. I thought I read in the Mint handbooky PDF thing that if you uninstall somthing, it automatically knows all the stuff it needs to take, and removes everything completely, but I think thats not right....I still have the keepass keyring password prompt when i log in, even tho i removed keepass, and I still had a Calibre folder after I uninstalled calibre....i think i wasnt uninstalling things right...what is the correct/best way, so that all the dependencies are in order and whatnot? Im gonna say right clicking and choosing Uninstall is not the correct/best way
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