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Default App suggestions?

Hi All-
I am a new Android user as of a few days ago after happily dumping my iPhone 4. So far I have really enjoyed my SG 2 Skyrocket.

I have already switched to Battery 2X to help manage my battery as I went from 100% to 30% in 6 hours today with moderate usage so I am hoping this app will aliviate this issue.

I am learning quite a bit reading through this thread but wanted to get some insight on Swipe and whether or not it is worth using?

Also if anyone else has some good suggestions on what I can do to modify this bad boy I would appreciate it. I use and Amazon Mp3 for almost all my music so that has been a HUGE advantage over the iPhone 4 since Amazon and Apple do not play nice with eachother.

I realize this is fairly generic of a request for app reccomendations but because I am so new to this OS and until I use the phone more I dont quite have any specific questions as of yet.

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