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Hello new user here.
I joined up because I picked up a Samsung Galaxy SII ATT about a month ago. It is not rooted, and running on 2.3.6. Battery life was horrible. I would go to bed at 50% or so and wake up to a dead phone.

Anyway I've installed juicedefender beta (not sure why I can't install a paid for version but it states not available for my phone), Battery Time just to see the battery in a percentage, and now ATT Smart WiFi.

When looking at my battery usage before installing the ATT Smart WiFi the OS was up at 90%+. Now I just installed the ATT Smart Wifi and I'm not at a wifi spot, so wifi is off. Rebooted phone and OS is 4% and System is at 10%.

I believe JuiceDefender (free beta) is supposed to turn off the wireless when the screen is not active, but I'm not 100% sure.

I know that everyone is waiting for a OS update to fix the issue but for now I'm trying to find a solution without rooting (because 2.3.6 i've read leads to wireless problems when rooted).

I think maybe Juicedefender would be a good solution for me just because it disables the wifi and connects every so often but for some reason I don't know why i can't purchase it. Anyone have any ideas?
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