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Originally Posted by TxGoat View Post
Before I come back with anything like say, "I wouldn't expect someone that's getting paid by this industry to have anything negative to say about that particular industry"?

Ok, lets say for instance that there is NO correlation in these people reporting their water tasting funny or being able to light their water on fire. What do you make of the earthquakes that "coincidentally" started happening once fracking began in the area where my parents live? In an area where maybe ONE earthquake has been reported in the past 100 years, there have been 5-6 reported in the couple of years since fracking has started. And yes, I have SEEN and FELT these earthquakes, how "horrible" for me to go through life believing what I've seen and felt My apologies since you didn't mention anything about being a Seismologist, and here I am dumping earthquake data on you, but LESS REGULATION is still not the answer.

I did a google search as he suggested and it's an organism that I'm guessing he is blaming for these peoples' flammable tap water. I guess I'm going to believe him over the EPA since the EPA is government run....

But I digress, and will attempt to get the thread back on track (hopefully).
Considering I work in the state with the most stringent regulations, its hard for me to have anything bad to say. How about asking the contractor who pissed on the ground. The site manager had him clean it up, fill out a spill report and was threatened with never being allowed back on our companies well sites ever.

People being able to light their tap water on fire has been around for centuries. I imagine you didn't see that in your research, but of course when it occurs naturally there is no one to blame. But when you have an oil company you can get sympathy and money.

Since your location is, "By the river". I can only guess you live in Texas. And unless your parents are about 120, then they haven't just started fracking in your area. Fracking has been around for about 110 years. It was developed by Halliburton. Now, if you're talking about fault lines, those have been around for a long time. Yet no one remembers those, but people see a booming industry and are ready to play victim to get money for it. I highly doubt you've had one earthquake in the last hundred years.

And the reason for not poisoning groundwater is simple. The hole that is drilled is cemented and cased in steel every 1000'. There are no aquifers that far below the surface. The next argument I hear 'well they probably leak!' Yeah that's not happening, oil is around $80-100 a barrel. Having a leaky well costs money.

Rock isn't forced open by water, we use water as a lubricant/delivery method. The rock is broken up by C4, we don't have to use much of it to make a big enough hole for oil and gas to travel through. The water/sand mixture is put in to keep the holes open, once the sand has wedged itself in, the water gets pushed back to the surface by oil and gas.

Txgoat, you brought this thread off topic. You just didn't expect someone with the knowledge to be here to counteract the propaganda.
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