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Hello all,
I just signed up today and have been reading tons of posts. Then decided to do a search for the SGP5 and found this thread. So, here's my input...

I have had an original Droid for 2.5 years and it was my right arm. All the cool apps I wanted and needed were on it and I was a happy camper. Then I lost my job! We had to do some serious cutbacks to expenses. And guess what got dropped first......the Verizon data plan. I was eligible for an upgrade, but it turned out to be a downgrade to a plain old clam-shell phone with no extras at all.

I was so bummed out!! And I was all set to grab one of the new high -end smart phones!! Obviously, that didn't happen. I felt naked without my Droid!!

Well, long story short...the wife decided I could get a "PDA" to take the place of the long as there was no monthly bill involved. Cool! After looking for a couple weeks, I found out about the SGP5. It was love at first sight!! It became my Christmas present....the only one! LOL!

So I've been using, exploring, tweaking, testing, downloading and playing with it for about a month now and am still blown sideways at it's capabilities. WOW! What a great piece of hardware.

I can't find anything I DON'T love. Now, I'm a simple man with simple needs, but this thing is turning me into a big geek!! I'm getting into Skype, GoogleTalk, GrooveIP, texting, and on and on. Never knew what I was missing! Ha, Ha! It's a whole new world for me.

And then I find this forum of nice people...and you all are so helpful and polite to each other. I am just thrilled to bits.

I don't know how, but I'll try to contribute whenever I can. This is one COOL place...for sure!!

BTW...I found out after I got the SGP5 that I could have still used the Droid the same way I'm using the SGP5...but don't tell my wife!! Please!
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