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Originally Posted by karandpr View Post
Xubuntu and Kubuntu have been approved for LTS in 12.04 .
You can also try Ubuntu Ultimate if you can bear the heavy colors.
You can also try peppermint OS
Kubuntu is a good KDE distro out there .Its been a while since Linux Mint released an KDE version (The guys are pretty busy )
Or OpenSuse,Mandriva or Fedora .
I get one Tux DVD randomly per month but my monitor woes a(and now HDD) have kept me away from all the cool distro hopping
Oh, yeah, I saw that lol. I'm pretty stoked about it too.

I'm actually going to try to convert my older folks into using *nix and see how they like it - first is Mom, b/c she never does anything that requires Windows - it's all web based for her.

Dad is not gonna be as easy as he has 2 different laptops from work, both of which have Windows on them, so....but he does not have a 'personal' machine right now.

Me, well, the biggest thing holding me back in hte past was gaming - but now that I have ample space I can easily throw a simple 7200 rpm HD in as a spare and install *nix to them. Which reminds me - is there a really easy way to put multiple versions of *nix on a single drive, sharing a /home directory? I had explored this in the past, and that usually led to having separate drives for each / and /boot and a dedicated drive for /home - but with the size of HDs these days, it should be relatively easy, unless there is still a requirement for /boot to be a non-extended partition....

Oops! Sorry, Sadie, for hijacking your thread - I'll shut up now and make a new post lol.

Originally Posted by sadielynn View Post
Ya know, not 5 minutes after I typed that, I brushed my touchpad by accident, and my left click stopped working I'm guessing it's will be ok if i avoid the touchpad. Imma put some cardboard over it or something, you know, idiot proof it

Going to do the install now, will leave /home alone.
I'm assuming that it will automatically install to / if it's available? I'm pretty sure it doesn't ask, you just make the partitions and say go
I was going to suggest that it was the trackpad an lack of native drivers for least now you know!

Originally Posted by 9to5cynic View Post
@karandpr, that's great about the new DMs for LTS Did you guys here that the desktop LTS versions are now supported for 5 years (at least 12.04 will be ), just like server !!
Yup, which is why they also yanked out any Java in the installation discs.

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