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Originally Posted by JLM View Post
When you dial your voicemail, you are then asked to input your password, followed by the # symbol.

In the Eris forum, there used to be instructions for what to do to include your password as part of the initial dial in. In other words, you could hit voicemail and when it asked for your password, it would automatically be dialed. It worked great.

I can't remember the author of the post, but the instructions were to add "PXXXX#" where the XXXX is your password...disregarding the quote symbols, of course.

I've tried this with the Bionic and it doesn't seem to take. The system still keeps asking for the password. I had assumed that the "P" was meant for a pause. The Bionic doesn't give you letter values, or I couldn't find them anyway. It does give you a pause ability, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Does anyone have this type of shortcut working?

Go to settings-call settings-voicemail settings then after *86 add pause pause your password and then OK. pause is under the *#( menu
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