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Hello fellow SGP users! Nice to see there's a forum thread specifically for this product. I bought my SPG 4.0 several days after Xmas at Bestbuy. I wanted the 5.0 but BestBuy dropped the 4.0 price down to $179 (for one week only). I couldn't resist. My previous pocket tablet was an Archos 43IT. If ANYONE is thinking about buying one of these DO NOT BUY!! It is an utter piece of crap. The only thing half decently useful is the HDMI out port. But, videos do not look that great on a HD TV. But the movies are still viewable enough to enjoy watching. The resistive screen on the A43IT is junk. I wish Samsung came out with these "tablets" last year because it would have saved me $235. Oh well. I stumbled upon the SGP by accident. Being so disgusted with my A43IT I would search the internet every now and then to see if anyone else produced a pocket tablet. Right after Thanksgiving I saw the SGP 5.0 and I ran out to BestBuy to give one a try. It took all of 30 seconds before I was hooked. I thought my A43IT screen was crisp and had vibrant colors. But after I held it up next to the SGP I saw the A43IT screen looked washed and faded out compared to the colors of the SGP. I left BestBuy with the mission of picking up a SGP after the price would dropped a bit. As stated, I wanted the 5.0. When I saw the 4.0 for $60 less than the 5.0 I gave in. Let me tell you. I have not one regret with the 4.0. I love this device. It's everything the A43IT is not. If it had a kickstand and a HDMI out port it would be the absolute perfect pocket tablet. Every single app runs flawlessly. The OS seems bugfree. The A43IT was (and still is) riddled with bugs. The A43IT lacked GPS and that was a feature I really wanted. I did hear the Korean SGP was the only model that has a HDMI port. It's a shame the USA models did not come with this feature. I saw there is a micro USB to HDMI adapter but I have heard it doesn't work with the SGP's. I also saw there is a 2400mAh battery that may fit the 4.0. I have not heard any reports if it works or not and I most certainly don't want to fry my device being the Italian swine. The OEM earplugs sound better than Archos earbuds but they still don't do any justice for sound quality. So I use my over the ear Voz headphones ($15) and PowerAmp and I am VERY happy with the sound quality. Overall, I'm one very happy Android user!! THANKS SAMSUNG!!

p.s. the bolded text above are links to the products!
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