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Originally Posted by mikedroid7 View Post
Locations is still FREE. You only have to pay for a licence if you want navigation instructions & I dont need it for navigating. Google maps caching is useless - only 10sq miles at a time & it assumes you had the time, patience & Wifi link to pre-cache areas. With Locations (Route 66) you get a whole country so just preload before you travel & then you are good to go. I used it last summer & it worked just great. I had all of western Europe, so with your phone you have instant access to street level mapping plus info on amenities - hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, etc & you don't get charged a penny for it - just turn on GPS to get your location.

I've tried Route 66, but it is not as good as Locations which makes nearby attractions easier to search for.
I don't use Locations, but have had a play with it so as to be able to give you some feedback.

When I launched it, I found that, bizarrely, the only map already downloaded was "France V 5.757". This is odd because I am confident I played with Locations many months ago, certainly prior to recent firmware updates, and had the United Kingdom map on the phone too. Anyway, I downloaded the United Kingdom V 5.757 map without any issues and it all seems to run as expected.

You say you've tried using Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications to clear the cache. On my phone I see several apps listed that appear to be parts of Location, so I wonder whether you've cleared the cache and data for all of those?

You also say you've deleted the existing maps but that they seem to come back. I assume that you're deleting them from within the app, but have you used a file explorer app to delete them directly from the SD card? It's hard to understand how old versions of the maps can come back if they've been deleted, so I wonder whether the app isn't really removing them, maybe only hiding them.

On my phone, the maps are being downloaded to the following location:
/sdcard/.data/navigator/Data/Maps (note the dot before "data", meaning that you'll have to unhide hidden directories for it to become visible)

The maps are stored as "France.cmap" and "United Kingdom.cmap"
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