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Originally Posted by dfib View Post
Go to settings-call settings-voicemail settings then after *86 add pause pause your password and then OK. pause is under the *#( menu
That works fine, but I've somehow got 2 "voicemails". Under "Voicemail" in Contacts, there's a "Call work" and a "Call mobile". Not sure where the "Call work" came from, but the edit above can only be performed on the "Call work" number -- Verizon does not allow you to edit its built-in voicemail contact number (which I guess is "Voicemail"), and it's not obvious that I can change the target of the home page icon to the "work" voicemail. When I go to "Set default voicemail" all that's available is "Voicemail", and "Visual Voice Mail". "Work" doesn't appear.
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