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Hi Durgan, thanks for your response. By 5am I was kind of hyper-distressed and contacted the seller. He replied first thing after the sun came up and is sending out a replacement. So, ordered it Tuesday morning, got it Wednesday morning, sent it back Thursday morning! In the meantime, I did a LOT more reading around here and on another forum and am in the process of downloading the firmware for "just in case" emergencies. Don't laugh at me, but I'm on dial-up so a couple of hundred meg takes a LONG time to acquire! Let's just hope the replacement is running the same set up. I wouldn't have been so upset if I'd been the one to brick it, but I deliberately stayed away from any sort of tinkering (at least until after I'd had a chance to find out what worked well and what didn't). Having not even had a chance to get it online and see what limitations the current set up might have posed, there was no sense in "fixing" things that might not even have been broken. Anyway, I have calmed down a tad since posting and, hopefully I'll have a new one after the weekend. Obviously I'd have preferred to have solved the problem through my own research (and your much appreciated advice) but I've gone the lazy route and simply had it replaced. I'm just so relieved that my seller was a local and had no hesitation in saying he'd replace it. While everyone talks about how cheap these tablets are, for me this is a great deal of money so it will definitely be getting babied (at least until the warranty expires!) Thanks again for replying and for letting me know that there is a solution to this particular problem. Shouldn't there be a Governor General Health Warning on the box in big, bold letters stating, "Setting the slide lock on this tablet will be extremely detrimental to your mental and emotional well being!"? Molli
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