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Default Uncheck everything in Droid Wall

After I rooted my Samsung Transform Ultra, the first program I installed was Droid Wall to stop all of the advertisements that come with the free apps.

The program in itself is great, but I made a minor mistake....

When I first started using Droid Wall, I used its "Black List" and I check-marked several different programs... (Angry Birds, Convert Pad, Apps 2 SD, etc) to block internet access so advertisements would not load. As I added new free apps, I would open up Droid Wall and check-mark programs as needed.

My mistake is that last time, I opened up "Droid Wall", I accidentally hit the banner and changed the list from "Black List (block)" to "White List (Allow)". Therefore everything that was previously checked-marked to be blocked was now check-marked to be allowed. And everything else that was not checked, wasn't allowed. Anyway my wifi and 3G icons turned white, and I could not get on the internet.

So instead of figuring out what needed to be checked or unchecked, I quickly cleared all of the check-marks off of the "Black List". Then the WiFi & 3G icons turned green again.

Now I need to go back and recheck those apps I want to block.

By the way (if not mentioned yet already), white icons mean access to the internet, but not to Google related apps/processes. Green means google apps are actively connected to the internet (Navigation, Earth, google internet, market, gmail, etc). Even Netflix utilizes google software to access the internet.

One remedy, to allow access to the internet, when the WiFi or 3G icons are white is to use non-google apps. A good non-google browser is "Dolphin". This is a good back-up browser that will allow you to download other solutions when these icons are white.

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