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Originally Posted by durgan View Post
Awesome to hear that you got the replacement so fast. I don't blame ya on returning it. Yeah, if time had permitted ya should have tinkered more with the system but that response time on a replacement is amazing. I actually had to wait 2 weeks before it even shipped after an ebay purchase. However the seller sent it EMS from the factory for me (4 days from HK to my door step). Not sure if you mess with networking at all...but if you do please try any media streaming from a network share if you could please? I'm trying to still pinpoint if it's bad wifi drivers that comes with these official roms or if my router's wifi is just plain horrible itself.
You should definitely visit the site and thread dart16 mentioned earlier: Android Tab10 - The creator, IAmTheOneTheyCallNeo had wifi problems from the outset and tried a myriad of solutions. By about page 27 of the thread he had it fixed. Sorry I can't point you directly to how he achieved it; but I read the whole thing from start to finish plus here and a couple of other forums and they're now all jumbled up in my mind - also, not having broadband or any sort of wifi set up here, I wasn't paying too much attention to that side of the discussion - sorry! In the small amount of time I had my tablet, I did attempt to hook it up to the laptop via the ethernet cable since I'd done the same thing years ago pc to pc and shared my dialup connection but this time around I couldn't get it to work. I think I've found the problem here, however - the laptop is a hand me down and it's registered as part of a domain and wouldn't let me set up my own network. At any rate, I've (hopefully) solved that side of things but I won't know for sure until I get the replacement tablet to give it another go. Speaking of the replacement, the seller just contacted me to let me know he received the tablet today and will post out the new one first thing Monday morning. It's Friday night here, otherwise I'd have it in the morning. He's been absolutely superb from the moment I bought it through to my hysterical little flip out I'm looking at mobile broadband connection plans at the moment. I'm a tad limited by both budget and location and I've really no idea what I need to get this set up. If I can hook it to my dial up through ethernet I'll probably just stick with that until my bank account recovers from its latest bashing. I'll give the wifi a try at my friend's house some time in the next week or so, however, and let you know how that goes. Apologies for the long post - I'm a wordy little thing - hence the need for emails over sms; a tablet over a smart phone Update: Here's Neo's exact post where he tells what he did to get wifi - hardware solution, not software : Android Tab10 - - Page 27
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