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Originally Posted by Mr. Ed View Post
MIDIman you have specific cables that cause the issue..can you charge via USB/PC and tell me if it still does the 100% bug
Never tried that. I like to keep the phone by the headboard when I sleep but I have a nice little tillable, portable laptop stand that's perfect for bedside. Have never charged from the PC. Will give it a shot with one of the two known cables that causes problems with select chargers. Not ALL chargers.

Maybe I should call them and ger a free battery too. I took it up to the store today and took advantage of their price guaranty. I got $50 knocked off my bill because they lowered the price that much a week after I bought it. Tomorrow is day 30 for me.

I mentioned the SIM issue. Others are posting pics of their LTE SIMS and claiming they all have green blocks on one side. Mine is blue in that area. They said I have the right SIM and the color is not indicative of anything. They said if I had the wrong SIM, my data connection would probably not work properly. I'm not convinced so I had planned to call and ask about it tomorrow anyway. How would I know? I don't think we have LTE here but I'm not even sure of that. I was halfway down the block when I thought to ask.
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