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Originally Posted by abecede View Post
Okay, I've done this twice now and each time it says:
Installing persistent root... cannot create /system/xbin/busybo
x: directory nonexistent
Unable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory
Unable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory
What's that mean?

I can use J Pal's terminal emulator, get su status, and CD to /system, but there's no xbin directory in /system. And I tried "mkdir xbin" but file system is read only in terminal emulator.
Maybe the script should use "bin" instead of "xbin"? Just wondering as I do have a "bin" directory.

Uninstalling shows:

Getting ready to
  UNINSTALL persistent root (UNROOT)
Please verify ALL of the following:
  SD card is INSERTED
  USB Debugging is ENABLED
  USB Storage Mode is DISABLED
  LG USB/Android drivers are INSTALLED
  Phone is connected to USB port and recognized
Press any key to continue . . .
Waiting for device to be connected [press CTRL-C to cancel]... Found device
Proceeding with install
Asking for root permissions...
  Please turn ON phone and EXIT the lock screen
AFTER you press any key to continue, if you are PROPERLY ROOTED, you
MAY see a PROMPT asking for permissions.  Please ALLOW root access.
Press any key to continue . . .
---- BEGIN LOG ----
...Proceeding to copy necessary files...
push: copy2sd/000root/xionia_cwma_12518.6.img -> /sdcard/000root/xionia_cwma_125
push: copy2sd/000root/Superuser.apk -> /sdcard/000root/Superuser.apk
push: copy2sd/000root/su -> /sdcard/000root/su
push: copy2sd/000root/recovery_vd.img -> /sdcard/000root/recovery_vd.img
push: copy2sd/000root/ -> /sdcard/000root/
push: copy2sd/000root/ -> /sdcard/000root/
push: copy2sd/000root/ -> /sdcard/000root/
push: copy2sd/000root/ -> /sdcard/000root/
push: copy2sd/000root/ -> /sdcard/000root/
push: copy2sd/000root/flash_image -> /sdcard/000root/flash_image
push: copy2sd/000root/busybox -> /sdcard/000root/busybox
11 files pushed. 0 files skipped.
1883 KB/s (12815963 bytes in 6.645s)
Installing stock VD recovery... error writing recovery: No space left on device
Uninstalling persistent root... Done
Waiting for filesystem to sync... Done
---- END LOG ----
Check for any errors.  Assuming there are none, the UNROOT was successful.
Getting ready to reboot...
Press any key to continue . . .
And I'm worried about the "Installing stock VD recovery...: No space left on device" error.

Sounds to me you didn't make sure everything was done on the phone before trying it. When first starting it,it tells u,make sure USB debugging is on,SD card mounted etc. Make sure you did EVERYTHING it said to do and try again.
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