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$199 through Verizon, $179 through Wirefly or Amazon vs $299 for the Razr or Nexus which IMO, the Razr doesn't have all the hardware specs (720p being the most obvious), the Nexus has the hardware specs AND ICS but there's all the reported signal sensitivity issues, even if the Rezound was still $299, I'd still recommend it over the other 2 devices. $100-$120 off makes it an even easier decision.

I have yet to run an app on the Rezound that has any problem with the processing power of the Rezound. The only issues I've seen is with the Rezound's 720p resolution. Some apps don't like the higher resolution. App developers still haven't maximized the potential of dual-core processors so it's probably going to be a while before they build quad-core specific apps.
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