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Ok, so far this is what I have, testing ATT kernels. I don't know enough to dissect these to know the kernel is the issue, but the kernel definitely affects whether or not the issue is present. I started this with the notion that it was a defective battery, tested on two skyrockets, multiple cables and chargers and have 2 stock batteries, 3 generic. I have used primarily quickwiz and buoyancy, these results were on buoyancy

Faux kernels: I have this bug. His kernel is based on from what is listed in his thread. CPU spy lists gcc version 4.4.1
I have the issue while on version .8 and the new version .9

Da_g kernels: I do not have this bug (at least not any of the versions I tested)
tested .3 listed in CPU spy to be 2.6.35 gcc version 4.4.1
and .42 listed in CPU spy to be 2.6..35.11 gcc version 4.4.1

Using the stock kernel listed in Da_g's thread I DO however have this issue
that kernel is listed in CPU spy to be, it also does not appear to sleep but I have not been testing this, processor was pegged at 1512 entire time

romracer Stockish: I don't have the issue on this Kernel. Phone isn't sleeping and processor was pegged at 1512 but again, I have not been testing this. listed to be gcc version 4.4.1

still trying to figure out if the kernel that shipped was different than the kernel in the 2.3.6 OTA update. I am doing this at work and getting interrupted pretty frequently today.

I also believe there are two issues ...a kernel issue, and a battery issue.

I have one battery that I believe was bad, which is what instigated the tests. I am going back tonight to test strictly that one battery with all kernels.

Hopefully our kernel devs can help with the issue...

not sure what to tell folks who are stock and having the issue lol
I'm back....
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