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Ha... on the phone right now with AT&T Customer Care and, after explaining my problem, they have offered to SELL me a replacement battery for $30 or a Duracell for $35.

Will update...

This obviously won't fix my issue, but I'll take a free battery if they'll give me one.

Now I'm on hold while he speaks to the warranty department.

Have now been transferred to the warranty department and am trying to understand Chinese.

I am being admonished in broken English about charging my phone over night, but they're sending me a battery. Really? I'm supposed to sit there for 2.36 hours, wait for the extremely faint beep and immediately disconnect my phone?? Charging it before bed and giving it eight hours of drain time before I leave is kind of ridiculous. Maybe I can explain to my employer (I don't really have one) that I need to come in three hours late every day so I can charge the phone after waking up.

I have no idea if she said anything about returning the original battery. I didn't understand 70% of what she said. I hate that crap. She did have a very nice, frequent giggle though...
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