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The Epic is my third Android phone. I never had any problems with any of my earlier Android hardware (both HTC handsets, a G1 and a MT3GS). Didn't matter if I was running the factory ROM or ROMs that were allegedly well beyond their capabilities. Slow, sometimes... unstable, never.

My Epic has been a piece of garbage since I got it 13 months ago. It's only getting worse. My GPS worked out of the box (unlike my wife's Epic, which has NEVER had working GPS), but it hasn't functioned since Froyo. I'm having to reboot at least once a day and pull the battery at least once a week, always for the dumbest possible reasons-- stock camera app hard-locks the phone, Gmail app can't seem to get a mail out and requires multiple reboots and resends, some background process goes absolutely haywire and decides to suck down all the remaining battery in 30 minutes while nearly literally burning a hole in my pocket, you name it.

And I am a pretty light user / really don't use the phone for much-- a handful of calls and texts, the occasional emergency Gmail read or web browsing when my laptop can't score wifi, and Spotify.

I am here looking for sensible background info on good third-party ROMs, since sorting out threads on XDA gives me a headache within 15 minutes a la going into Wal-Mart.

I've been a big fan of Samsung products for a long time-- except their phones. I had an earlier dumbphone of theirs years ago that was also totally horrid. I thought they would have stepped their game up by now.

Oh, and the slideout keyboard SUCKS. 13 months into my contract and I still make typos left and right on this thing, either from keys not picking up or from who knows what. My HTC phones had keyboards that were immediately intuitive from day one and never let me down. Better than no keyboard, granted, which is all we seem to be left with. Hey, phone devs: Not everyone needs a phone 2mm thick or enjoys being limited to 10-15wpm when they have better things to do with their day. SLIDEOUT KEYBOARDS PLEASE.
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