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Originally Posted by mbob63 View Post
Mine works great except for the low space notification. A front camera would be nice but I haven't seen a new phone that gives me that many more capabilities. I will hang on to my Incredible until the next big jump in technology occurs. Maybe I'll buy a quadcore in a few months.
What are you doing with your phone that quad core would actually benefit?
Almost no mobile apps are that processor intensive, and even the ones that are usually bottleneck on network resources or Graphics hardware anyways.

Basically any improvement in hardware capabilities is being lost by crapily written, inefficient software. I think it's pretty telling that the actual use experience between our phones and the current generation really isn't that different. I was looking at phones at Verizon yesterday, and honestly there was more lag on them then my Incredible. I'm sure that will be improved significantly once you get rid of some of the junk, but it's still incredibly annoying.
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