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Happy EVO 4G Successor

I like my EVO..I really do. However..after it being rooted incorrectly, not by me..I was hospitalized at the time, my friends grandson did it..never again. I wound up having a friend who works at our local Sprint store do it for me, while he was at work. It worked way better than it had ever worked even when it was new. Now, after 2 or 3 months and several drops later,I find myself pondering what next? So far the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch is a strong contender, maybe even the newer Samsung S II + or whatever its sobriquet is. Either one would be a suitable replacement to my EVO.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0" tablet PC, great little tablet, and is made by Samsung, as is better than half the electronics in my house. Maybe the Galaxy S II or the S II + might turn out to be the biggest POS ever made by Samsung..but I seriously doubt it. It makes no difference to me weather it the current Galaxy S II or the next newer version, which ever one I can afford when I am able to upgrade the 1st of May. My bet is that either one would be a good replacement for the EVO.
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