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(from pushing the power button to restore the screen until it goes black again, sometimes 10 seconds.
multiple places on the screen i have to push multiple times to get an imput to actually BE input.
Once in a while I do have to push the screen multiple times IF it's right on the edge of the screen, I do have problems once in a while around the edges of the phone, not enough to want another phone by any means. Seriously, it looks to me like you got a defective phone and you can't judge a product from something that is defective. No matter what you buy, I GUARANTEE numerous people out there have gotten defective items in that product, that's just how things are.

For me the screen goes black when I'm holding the phone close from my ear to call. When I stop to do that and look at the screen (example there's an answering service that wants me to type a number), it goes back to normal (sometime it's 1-2 seconds but for now it's been fast enough for me to enter any number). I'm not sure if that's your problem but does your screen goes back to normal if you do not push the power button right away ?

I'm not sure I understand really the problem but I think I've seen somewhere a kind of root tweak trying to fix a similar thing for other devices. It may be a known android issue ?
The screen going black when holding it to your face is from the proximity sensor, it does that so you don't accidentally push buttons with your face while talking. I'm pretty sure there is a way to turn this off, I don't remember where in the settings it was, but I'm pretty sure there's a setting to keep the screen on at all times during a call.

It sounds to me like their screen timeout is screwed up. Assuming they set their screen timeout to a higher number than this 10 seconds, it still sounds like their screen is going off.
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