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Originally Posted by dmullens View Post
Thanks. I know how these things can go and I really like this phone and don't want to brick it.

I did root it because I need to run droidwall since I pay for my data (gophone plan). So far so good.

Is flashing a rom more or less difficult? What are some potential "gotchas"? I saw the info at the end of the effen manual. Are those the instructions to flash a rom?

Thanks again. Just trying to be very careful.
Flashing a ROM is pretty simple and not much risk in terms of bricking the phone. From what I've read, the potential for bricking it is highest during the root process or when flashing a radio. Since you were able to root successfully, you shouldn't be too concerned about flashing a ROM.

You'll need to flash a custom Recovery first. I can't recall if AAHK installs ClockworkMod during the root process. If not, install ROM Manager and then flash ClockworkMod from that. While CWM is the most commonly used Recovery, I like 4EXT better. Does everything CWM does and a bit more.

Take a read through these guides for flashing ROMs. They really helped give me better understanding of what is involved and removed a lot of the mystery for me when I first started down this path.

How To Install A ROM Or App On Android Device From Recovery

What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It On Android [Complete Guide]

Once you wrap your head around those, head over to the xda forums and take a look at all the different ROMs and pick one. Make sure to backup your current ROM through Recovery before flashing a new one. If something doesn't go right, you can always restore to a state that you know worked.

Each time you flash a new ROM you're going to need to set it all up from scratch so set aside some time to do it. And every custom ROM will have its own little bugs or issues. So don't get too frustrated of minor things. Heck, even the stock ROM isn't without its issues.

There are a few threads here as well where we discussed choosing custom ROMs and such. Take some time to read through those to see what others recommend.
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