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Originally Posted by NCTurner View Post
Nice story!

I had lunch with my daughter today. She has one of those iThingies. I asked her something about using voice to text to send text messages. She said "I can't do that". I said "oh yeah, you have an iphone." Then a bit later, I asked her if she streamed music to her iThingy, and she said no. I only got as far as "Oh yeah, you have an..." when she cut me off..."I KNOW, I HAVE AN iPHONE."
VtT is great on the Nexus! I honestly don't use it too often, but it's nice when I have my other hand full and just want to send a quick text.
About streaming, is she not on iOS 5? I thought the big part was iCloud? Either way, I don't put any music on my phone; more than happy with Rhapsody (we used to have a Napster account but Rhapsody bought them out; awesome app for ~$15/month).
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