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Default Brushed Aluminum Skinomi for D3

Skinomi TechSkin - Motorola Droid 3 Brushed Aluminum Skin Protector

I purchased this about a week ago. I got it last night. It was pretty simple to install. It came on two sheets. One with the screen protector and one with the skin. It also came with intstructions, application solution and a hard plastic thing to smooth out the screen protector and get any excess liquid and bubbles out.

After determining what goes where, I started applying. Did the batter door first as that was the biggest piece and would give me a feel of how to apply. I wish I would have done this in better lighting because all my pieces aren't all straight. But whatever. It has a total of 10 pieces. Everything went on pretty smoothly. The only area that doesn't fit perfectly is the bottom corners of the sides of the screen. Because the side goes down and into a corner but when it comes out at the bottom it is angled. The Skinomi should be slit at that point because it creates a pinch at the angle which sticks up a bit. Easily ignored though. All of this is applied WITHOUT the solution.

I would also like to mention that I have the Motorola extended battery and back. The skin almost fits that. There is a little bit of space because of this. Not a problem.

Now on to screen. I first put it on without first spraying it with solution. It went on fine but looked horrible. I was pissed off. After trying to smooth it out with the little credit card squeegee thing with no luck I was ready to email them nastily. Then I realized my error. I then removed the screen protector and sprayed the underside with solution. More than needed because I now had to clean it(just sprayed it and rubbed it with my fingers) I then shook it free of excess solution and applied. It went on great. There was a bit of debris under but that was my fault. This morning I again, took the screen protector off and cleaned it and reapplied. Again, it looks good. I have used Zagg before on my DARE way back when and the screen was a bit sticky to use, my fingers wouldn't glide over it. This screen is great. Almost as if it weren't there.

I called and told them about the corners of my screen being pinched and they are shipping me a completely new kit. Free of all charges. That is pretty awesome! Which wasn't my reason for telling them. I wanted to let them know that the design needs to be altered just a tad for it to be perfect.

As far as quality goes, the skin actually feels brushed. There are brush marks going down the entire skin. This feels great. The benefit of having a case without the bulk. It does make it a bit more slippery though so be careful.

The only thing I can think of that I would like to see is a circle cut out of the battery door so the Motorola logo can be seen.

$19.99 for this is a great deal. And if you use the code "skinomi25" or "get25" you get 25% off.

I will try to take pictures and post them. So far, I am loving it. Only time will tell how all of the corners on the pieces will hold up. BUT there is a lifetime warranty(only pay shipping) when you order from their website. Can't beat that.
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