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Default Siyah 2.6.7 -> 12 Settings

Right, now you have successfully installed your Siyah kernel, you may want to , "tweak", some of the settings for better battery performance.

I cannot lay claim to being the creator of these settings as most have been gleaned from various sources on xda.

Nor can I claim that these are the ultimate battery saving settings for your phone as each persons handset, CPU and usage, differ.

These are merely some general settings that will hopefully improve your battery life and give you a feel for using Voltage Control for under/over clocking, under volting and making changes to GPU control.

As always, I take no responsibility for these settings and you use them at your own risk.


Open this app and set the following:-

I/O Scheduler = sio (Do not be afraid to try other Schedulers)

CPU Governor = ondemand (Do not be afraid to try other Governors)

Min = 100Mhz

Max = 1000Mhz

Now select, "Voltages".:-

***Here are some sample settings for Siyah 2.6.7 -> 12 that may improve your battery life:-

1600Mhz = 1375mV

1400Mhz = 1275mV

1200Mhz = 1200mV

1000Mhz =1100mV

800Mhz = 1000mV

500Mhz = 950mV

200Mhz = 900mV

100Mhz = 900mV

Now select, "GPU & Charging" and set as follows:-

GPU control

Low power state

100Mhz and 800mV

High performance state

267Mhz and 950mV

Charging current I have left as stock...

You can now select, "Apply settings". This will apply the current settings until you reboot at which time your settings will revert to stock. This is a good idea if you want to try out these settings first. I would strongly suggest only changing one setting at a time if you want to experiment further and, using steps of +/- 25mV each time, thoroughly testing it before moving to the next.

If all is well then select Menu and, "Save as boot settings" by using the init.d option under save. I recommend the init.d option for saving as this will affect your use of the lulzactive app, described below should you choose to use it with the lulzactive governor. This will ensure that your new settings are restored after a reboot.

In case of problems with Voltage Control, now or in the future, you should select Menu and follow the Recovery instructions now.

Other App's that, "may", help

CPU Spy, useful for monitoring your settings in relation to CPU. See here:- lt#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5idmFsb3Nlay5jcHVzcHki XQ..


This app, used in conjunction with the Siyah kernel, allows you to use either a single core of your dual core phone, for battery saving, or both cores, for performance, or a Dynamic hotplug feature that only brings the 2nd core into use when needed. A sort of balance between battery and performance if you like although the latest Siyah, and N.E.A.K; kernels do this by default and therefore this app is not required if you want to run as Dynamic hotplug.

Download, free, from Market:- sult#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS50ZWdyYWsuc2Vjb25kY2 9yZSJd

lulzactive 1.1

For tweaking the lulzactive governor in the Siyah 2.6.7 -> 12 kernels although I feel that this app may now be redundant with the tweaks for the lulzactive governor that are incorporated in the kernel.

Download, free, from the Market:- sult#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS50ZWdyYWsubHVsemFjdG l2ZSJd

***As I said at the beginning, these tweaks are not the ultimate in battery saving and I have erred on the side of caution wherever possible. Hopefully, you will now have a feel for what you can achieve with these app's and will modify the settings to your liking.

Good luck!

For more information, Q&A and the latest news on the Siyah kernel, see here:-

If you would like to know more about governors and schedulers or even write your own scripts, there is an excellent thread by droidphile, here:-

[REF][&Tweaks] Kernel Governors, Modules, I/O Schedulers & CPU Tweaks: Siyah & Others - xda-developers
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