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Default Choices.... & questions....

I, too, am having difficulty with my beloved Droid X. :'( After running Go launcher for months, I tried the Christmas HD live wallpaper that Google had for $.10. After about 3 weeks I started having numerous FCs and freezes, I've pulled the battery so many times in the last month, it's amazing the little red tag is still there! So I spent 2 days getting rid of every single Go app, cleaned up other apps, went back to stock wallpaper (GB-.605) and it's better, but getting really crappy battery life (even on new battery)!

So, alas, I am also looking at these phones to choose my next best friend. The Nexus appeals to me, but the so-so reviews do not. I agree with you about the hardware quality of Motorola (it can't be beat)! But it scares me not to be able to reach the battery. I didn't spend much time with the Rezound, so don't know much about it.

Here's what I'm thinking though:

Lurking around the X forums (plus doing a bit o' research), I've got an itch to try the root/rom thing! At first, it started out with "how do I get my apps+ data from the X to a new phone?" But now, I feel like experimenting! So after transferring the apps/data to the new phone, I'd like to use my X to play around with first.

**Q1: Is it possible to root/flash roms on a phone that isn't currently in use? As in has no cellular service?

I realize that if I really like playing with my phone, the GNEX would probably be the way to go.

**Q2: Is this assumption correct? Or would a RAZR or Rezound be a better choice?

That's it for now, I'm sure I'll have other questions for the rooting forum!

TIA! :-D

Cheri' (lurking newbie)

P. S. I may not get back here right away, surgery tomorrow (today-Wednesday). Check back as soon as I can! Thanks again!
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