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Default LTE in Greater Vancouver - not working??

I was wondering what kinds of LTE speeds people are receiving with Rogers.
Specifically in the Greater Vancouver area and with the Galaxy s 2.

I only hitting 2.5(ish) mpbs down. If I pull my battery, my sim card, or reset my radio I will get good speeds for a short while, around 20-40mbps and this will last for up to a few hours. After that its right back to the slow speeds.

I have found others that are also experiencing this on other forums.

After multiple calls in to Rogers support, I have not gotten any further.

I have been told to go into a store and try a different sim card. Even though I told them that just removing my sim card and reinserting it will "reset" my speeds temporarily so unless they either give me a new sim or I wait at the store for a few hours its not gonna help. That being said in the interest of due diligence, I went to the store and I was told flat out $35 for a new sim card and they do not have live ones to test.

I get told by various support people that "maybe you are just not close enough to a tower." Yet I keep pointing out that I can easily "reset" my phone and get the proper speeds so its clearly not a location issue. That never seems to sink in though.

I have tried all their other support solution even though I know that they will most likely not work. Like changing to hspa only then back, trying in a different location. (I live in Surrey and work in Richmond) I have also done a factory data reset as per their instruction.

My next step is to call them and demand my money back for a product that clearly does not function as advertised.

Has anyone else experienced this with this phone, in this area?
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