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Originally Posted by xluthor View Post

I know this forum is mostly rom based questions. I am using the modified Telus rom.

I'm just curious - Has anyone been successful using Viber with this rom?

It installs fine for me and connects without issue but I can't hear any audio and the other caller can't hear me. The viber support page lists all models of working phones and the GS2x is listed but it also notes that custom roms can break the functionality.

Another non-related question is about the bluetooth. I find I need to reboot my phone every couple of days to keep it working with my Jabra cruiser (If not I loose the audio from calls / music even though it's connected). Any thoughts? / Does the BT work better with Mr.X's rom?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any thoughts on the above two issues.


Viber works on mine phone perfectly fine and i do have Mr.X rom. I did not have any issues even before with it. But what i could suggest you to do is to restore your phone to factory settings or try one of the Roms bluek1 posted: Mr.X or Juggernaut.
I cant see or tell any defects on the phone right know because everything seems to be working well and i hope you will find a solution to yours xluthor.

@Bluek1 what phone do you have now ?
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