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QUOTE "I'm quite dissapointed because i've been reading a dozen reviews on how great the screen is. Are people blind who are writing these reviews? A phone in this price range should not have this kind of issue..." QUOTE

Exactly....................just got back from my VZW store. The guy came over to see what i was doing. I was looking at the new LG Spectrum. Not 100% sure about the phone but the screen is absolutely incredible!

He had a Galaxy Nexus and there was one on display next to the Spectrum. I went to Google Search and typed in the single word "white" then chose"images"...........clicked on the first white image. We did this with 4 phones at once, both Galaxy Nexi, the Spectrum, and my Droid X.

All phones displayed the white screen as perfectly white....(the screen being in portrait mode and the white covering only the middle third of the screen). When we pinched and zoomed the white to FILL the entire screen on the 4 devices, the VZW guy was taken back by how GRAY the Galaxy Nexi screens became while the Droid X and LG Spectrum remained 100% white.

Again, this should NOT happen on a top device like this! Never mind the banding issue, it will NOT display white as white full screen. All screens were set to 100% brightness.............NO auto brightness set at all.

Is this a reason to return the phone? Obviously your choice. It did not make it a deal breaker for me but added to the other issues and bugs that finally made me return it.

End of RANT...........
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