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Originally Posted by jmartino5920 View Post
So I had turned off all tweaks, including zip align, reinstalled, still no dice. I am wondering if TiBu is to blame: no I didn't reinstall data, just apps but who knows with batch restore? Even after said batch restore coming from a jbdan clean wipe, installing and reinstalling I am getting the error. I may start from scratch again but am soooo reluctant due to the limited time I have now with family taking a full front seat in my day to day.

I can't say that I am taking the best care of myself due to the amount of time sacrifice required by said family crisis, but I am sated by food and water. Sleep is partially out of the question for now, but I am taking all opportunities. Funny how one shifts behaviors from self to others in such dramatic fashion when it is all on the line. Brings perspective to former behaviors, none of which were reprehensible, though nonetheless had been weighted heavily in my immediate family's favor (Wife and Son).

Even as I type this, on the partiality disfunctional app, I question my time management. I guess we all need ME time, even in tough and unimaginable circumstances; it just feels difficult to find the proper justification when my heart is so heavy with the desire to go above my expected/potential ability.

I can see my wife beginning to understand the importance this place has in my life. While I operate with cautious openness, you all are no doubt an outlet I need so very much. So if I have to get into my PM inbox via browser then so be it; se la vi. For my sister-in-law, LIFE is sooooooooooo much more complicated.


Questioning time management is human. We all could manage it better and in more constructive ways. Those who think they are doing a perfect job of it are only kidding themselves. The key to this is not to feel any guilt (bad bad), but rather conviction (healthy healthy).

We love your participation here, but you have priorities. There in lies choices. What a lot of life is about. I know you will make the the right ones for you. It shows and is evident through your posts. A certain special kind of 'je ne sais quoi' about you

We'll miss you if you have to take a break, but it's understood. Be with the Fam! You'll be back!

/my thoughts anyways/
All the Thanks!, go to Him <))><
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