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Originally Posted by 350X View Post
Well you can't be locking tethering threads [like mine that was posted today in LG OV section] if your going to allow and have rooting and breaking threads and forum section.

Using tethering on my OV, which is a built in stock function, doing no root or mods, just downloading an app from the built in market. is legal.

and "Here's something to consider. According to the Privacy Policy that ships on every Android phone, 3rd party apps don't violate the TOS. They can follow their own rules. As far as I know this includes GingerBreak, PDANet, FoxFi etc."

which means makes it all legal.

locking threads about tethering is messed up.

unlock my thread plz.

Virgin OV 2.2.2 WiFi hotspot tethering
The action on your thread was taken before the policy change, and per your request, it's now re-opened.

No need for further frustrations on legalities, per Phases' post, tethering isn't illegal and is up to you and your carrier to sort out.

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