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Default Bloatware removal


I make no apologies for repeating this tip here as it can really help improve your battery life a lot.

Please read carefully.

is the in-built app's that carriers and, or, handset manufacturers add to the stock Android firmware. At best, they can just clutter up your app drawer and at worst they can slow your phone down and use up your battery.

Remember... one persons bloatware can be another persons, "must have" app.

Some bloatware can be got rid of by rooting and flashing a generic (non-carrier) firmware. This can rid you of a particular operators app's that you may not use or want.

However, you cannot remove the built-in app's that carriers and manufacturers include in their ROM's by using uninstall.

To prevent these from running you will need to do the following:-

1. Your phone must be rooted. Sorry, but there is no other way to remove these app's.

To root your phone, see here:-

Rooting Galaxy S2 - Dummies Guide

2. You will need to download and install Titanium Backup, free, from the Android Market. See here:- arch_result

3. You will also need to download and install Titanium Backup PRO Key, about 3.66p (US$5.80/4.20) from the Android Market (you cannot "freeze" app's without this PRO key). See here:- =search_result

4. Once both of these app's are installed you will need to run a full Backup.

Titanium Backup > Backup/Restore > Menu > Batch > Backup all user apps + system data

5. Once step 4 has been completed you can navigate to:-

Titanium Backup > Backup/Restore

where you will be presented with a list of all the app's and processes on your handset.

You can then go down the list and stop any process from running by "Freezing" them. This does not remove the app but, as it says, freezes it to prevent it from operating again until it is Unfrozen.

7. To freeze an app just tap on it and a Menu will be displayed with the Freeze! option. Just tap this.

8. To unfreeze an app just repeat step 7 and select Unfeeze.

9. ROM app's are shown in red in the Titanium list. Some of these are essential for the phone's operation. DO NOT FREEZE THESE WITHOUT CHECKING STEP 10!
Only a moron would freeze a system app without first checking or knowing what it does... and probably is not qualified to own a smartphone.

10. To check if it is safe or advisable to freeze an app you should first check the list here (my thanks to slug for this):-

and here for Jelly Bean (in the process of being updated):- UE#gid=0

App's shown in red on this list should not be frozen.

11. Those in yellow can be frozen using caution. For instance, I have K-9 mail installed and use it to download and send my Gmail. Therefore I have frozen the Gmail app so that it does not appear in my app drawer or run. I have also frozen Messaging as I use Handcent which does not require Messaging support as it is standalone.

12. Two app's that first set me on this trail are:-

Wi-Fi sharing 1.0

Wi-Fi sharing manager 1.0

Both of these are Samsung app's which I do not use and were always running in the background and using a lot of battery power.

13. To monitor what is running on your phone:-

Settings > Applications > Running services

I trust that the above may prove useful to those of you wishing to clear up bloatware on your phone and take no resposibility whatsoever for any misuse of the above information.

If in doubt... do not freeze it!


I have since discovered other app's on the Market that claim to freeze bloatware, such as :-

System App Freezer and Remover (0.60p) t
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