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Where in Texas are you? I would love to try and trouble shoot this

unfortunately it sounds like a bad phone though.

Originally Posted by gingergee View Post
My problem is a little different - my battery appears to be charging when plugged in, but never reaches over 15% even after 20 hours plugged in. Had the phone since 12/5/11 and worked great until 1 week ago. I don't have many apps but 2 days before this happened I installed sugarsync. Not sure if this is related or not.
ATT sent new battery - same issue. Tried charging with the phone off as they suggested - 14 hours - still no charge. Shows battery empty the minute I unplug it.
ATT store tried a fully charged battery in my phone and it showed to be dead as well. Since over 30 days referred to warranty dept. First guy had me go through many idiotic things already tried and would not veer from the "cookie cutter recipe" he was reading from. After a 20 - 30 minute phone call he finally acknowledged "known issue from manufacturer and there is a firmware update needed". Told me he would send the update to my phone and I would need to "click INSTALL" when it appeared, and it might then take up to 24 hours to update.
Waited 2 hours - still no "install" to click has appeared so called them back. GREAT! This person asked me the same idiotic questions, had me go through all the same steps the other guy had until I got upset and told her wasn't doing all this again, "just need to know about the firmware please". She then told me the phone was updated 1 hour ago, to turn the phone off and charge it only 3 - 4 hours, no longer.
She advised I should:
Never charge until completely drained
Always power off the phone when charging
Charge only for 3 - 4 hours and never charge overnight!
Are they kidding? I was told many years ago this was no longer required with cell phone batteries.

Anyway, charged the phone for "4 hours only" in "off mode" as told last night and after 4 hours it was at 19%! Left it powered on while I slept so it would again be completely drained this a.m. so I can try it again. This phone will be monopolizing my weekend (and my life).

By the way - using the charger that came with the phone and have tried wall plug and USB to PC with no difference. Same problem using my car charger (micro usb) that was NOT made for the skyrocket.
I'm back....
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