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Originally Posted by BiGMERF View Post
i get no such ads.. hmm, is it cause i bought it for the 2 bucks? worth it by the way
1. we are not talking about an "ad". When you visit this site on your Droid, a native phone Alert pops up with some message about "This site is Tapatalk Native blah blah blah" and you can accept - which takes you off site or cancel, which leaves you on site. SO, it is annoying and takes people away if they accept.

2. price is not so much of an issue, I tried the beta and I just do not see it being that great personally. The beta has a ton of ads all over the GUI and a bunch of stuff that actually made it more annoying that useful, like other sites and recent stuff for sites of no value or interest to me.

3. as an evolving product, it is not al that stable yet when you do the research

point is, I just want to come here on my phone and NOT get an alert 90% of the time that I have to click past and if I don't click "cancel" I get taken to their download. Rather deceptive in my book and takes away visitors that then have to click back, do it all again, and remember to click "cancel". To them, driving traffic to them first and foremost is clearly more important than your forum.
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