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Originally Posted by rezajune View Post
Been wanting the Galaxy Nexus for a long time now. Waiting anxiously for every update when it would be released. So over my Droid X - Rooted on Apex,

My Drod X its kinda slow versus latest phone..outdated....beaten up...not as sexy...screens are way better on latest phones now....etc..etc. my Galaxy Nexus two days ago...and...

Lets see here:
1) My Droid X had way better battery life (3 hours versus 7-8 on DX)

2) Gnex was unusable at my house with no signal where as DX had full signal and never once dropped a call on me.

I am sorry my dear Droid X,... you are a workhorse and I run my entire company with it and I didn't really appreciate you till I got something way sexier with the latest technology and noticed that the new phone is super hot and sexy, but useless.

The minute I switched back to you Ms. Droid X, my life became much better. I could talk to everybody now and I am not sad anymore.

Never missed you so much till tried out something else that I thought was better than you. I promise never to under appreciate you again.

Love you
Awe... I loved this post (Warm smiles)

Now you're going to make me feel bad for retiring mine...
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