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Originally Posted by gingergee View Post
Originally Posted by gingergee

Can anyone advise me whether there are really better chargers, cables, etc. that can prevent this from happening again? Does it really matter if you use a cable/charger that did not come with the phone? (I always figured if it fits and seems to connect it's okay. Also feel it is ridiculous to keep spending money for new chargers, cables, accessories each time I upgrade, and thus filling our landfills with perfectly good accessories).

For example, could using the micro USB car charger that I purchased for my previous phone have caused damage to the Samsung phone? I am pretty naive on this so appreciate any advice one can give. This was my first "smart" phone and I LOVED IT but am now feeling exasperated by the experience.
Your problem is substantially different from what the majority of this thread addresses. IF your phone charges to 100% you just need to find a solution which works for you to keep the battery indicator from being stuck at 100%. For me, the charger and cable that came with the phone work fine. It doesn't seem to be the same story for everyone. The single thing that I have found is that using a "charge only" cable will prevent this issue no matter what charger I use. It wouldn't have helped with your phone's failure to charge.
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